Clustering... Senate Example

Feb 10, 2010 at 3:52 PM

Hi,apologies if I sound like a bit of a newbie.


I am attempting to apply NodeXL to some work I am doing.  Despite providing a cheap, intuitive template there are some problems that I have found using this.


The main problem is related to a question back in October...


Looking at the NodeXL "Learning by Doing Manual", I find it very difficult to replicate the 'Senate' example in NodeXL.  Only by using the Harel-Koren graph do the vertices cluster together visually, alas I am not entirely sure why this happens.  What process does the Harel-Koren graph complete to cluster these vertices? I ask so that I may format the data I have to ensure similar clustering effects.

By looking at the screenshots within the manual, I understand that the version used in the manual differs from the downloadable version?