date format is not clear and downloaded posts are icomplete

Jun 24 at 4:06 PM
Hello every one
I have four problems and looking for your help
1) I downloaded content of a Facebook fan page 3 times;
  • Once by including posts not made by page owne
  • Once by including status updates
  • and once without the aforementioned options
    I tried to download by making users as vertices and then by making posts as vertices the PROBLEM is that the number of vertices doesn't change when i change the three factors above.
2) Date format it looks like "42696.5246527778" so I cant interpret it.

3) Some of selected attributes didn't downloaded such as name , gender, etc.

4) comments and likes aggregated as totals (likes created, likes recieived, comments created cells, etc are empty) .

What do you suggest?

Best regards