Best way to get replies/mentions network

Jun 1 at 11:20 AM
I'm trying to collect twitter mentions and replies for a network of 160 accounts so I can analyse their active network (so i'm only interested in mentions/replies within the group of 160). The problem I have is that some accounts hit the 3200 tweet limit over a given time period while others do not and this biases the results. I can solve this by deleting older tweets for every account until none of them have more than 3200 but when I do this I'm only left with a few months of data with just a handful of replies/mentions. I've been getting around this by doing repeated collection over several months but there must be a better way!

I know it's not possible to just pull mentions/replies through the API (so my 3200 limit is all mentions/replies) but is there anyway to force collection to be limited to certain time periods - so i could collect separate months of the network back in time without hitting the 3200 limit and then stick them together post-hoc?