Book Sample Files for Social roles in email network

Apr 30 at 5:12 PM

I am doing email analysis with NodeXL.I have read the book and also done online research. Its hard to find sample material for email analysis which shows step by step how its done.

I have been able to follow the book (ANALYZING SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS WITH NODEXL) and have reached quite far in analyzing the email network I have.

But I need the sample excel files on Page 136. css-d_all_answer_large.xls and if possible the next one on that page css-d_all_answer.xls.

I need this files to understand if we need the email subject/threads/topics for this analysis?

Also, I want to know, in the subgraph images, how to get both those black line and red lines? I only get black lines.

Therefore the sample file is really necessary. I went through the teaching materials files for nodexl also. But the sample file is not there.

Please advice.

Yours Truly,