nodexl in windows 10 and office 2016

Feb 3 at 11:05 AM
This discussion is essentially in response to all those comments about being unable to get nodexl to work on windows 10 and office 2016. I just downloaded nodexl (yesterday actually), and to my consternation, I also could not see it within my excel spreadsheet, or anywhere else. Imagine my distress especially as it was a last resort (I had tried and found other software complex) and was ecstatic to discover nodexl.
But, as I found out by accident this morning, the template does not actually automatically load into excel it needs to be loaded as a program- on its own.
So, for windows 10 users, search for nodexl in the Cortana search box, and when it appears click on it- the nodexl spreadsheet will open and you will be given a choice of upgrading to pro, or not.
Hope this helps!