Output formats and Arrowheads

Oct 1, 2008 at 6:38 AM
Hi everyone,

Thank you developers, for sharing a user-friendly and extremely useful program. I have two brief (possibly obvious) questions.

1. Where, and how, do I access the output options? I am running .NetMap on my Mac, using Bootcamp. I would like to export my graph as a highest resolution format (jpeg, bmp) so that I can then import the graph only into a Word Mac document (in landscape form). I would also like to print the graph only.

2. I would like to make the arrowheads a little more distinct. On some nodes I have about five arrows pointing in, and they all merge into a shapless glob, obscuring the arrowheads.

Oct 1, 2008 at 7:08 AM
I'm glad you find the program useful.  We have many improvement on our list of work items that we hope will make it even more so.

To export a graph image, right-click the graph pane and select Save Image to File.  This lets you save an image of the graph in one of five formats.  For the highest quality, select BMP or TIFF, which are lossless.  (JPEG, GIF, and PNG involve compression.)  The dimensions of the saved image are the same as the dimensions of the graph pane, so size the graph pane appropriately before saving the image.  By the way, you can drag the graph pane out of Excel if that helps to get it sized properly.

We don't support printing yet, but you can always load the image file into any graphics application to print it.

You can do several things about the arrowheads.  Changing the edge widths, either globally via the Options button in the graph pane or on a per-edge basis using the Width column in the Edges worksheet, changes the arrowhead sizes proportionally.  Or you can change the arrowhead-to-edge-width ratio using the Arrow Size setting in Options.  You can turn the arrowheads off that way, too.  If all else fails, you can manually drag vertices around the graph pane to try to get the arrowheads to bunch together less.

-- Tony

Oct 1, 2008 at 9:41 PM
Hi Tony,

Thanks for the quick feedback. I re-sized the arrowheads, and they work beautifully :)

However, I still have difficulty finding the "save to" option. I'm using a Mac, so I use the Control key to right click. I did this in the Graph pane - but to no avail. Could it be that I am missing some component?

Oct 1, 2008 at 10:18 PM

If I understand the situation, the only component you're missing is a modern mouse with two buttons!

In any case, the keyboard shortcut for a right-click on Windows is Shift-F10, not Control.  I don't have a Mac here to test it on, but I assume that holds even if Windows is running on a Mac.

This turns out to be irrelevant, though, because I just discovered that keyboard shortcuts don't work in the graph pane, period.  Excel seems to want to grab all keystrokes, including those that should be going to the graph pane, so Shift-F10 brings up an Excel menu instead of a .NetMap menu.

I've filed a .NetMap bug report on this and it will be fixed in a future release.  For the time being, the only thing I can suggest is to borrow a two-button mouse.  Sorry about that!

-- Tony
Oct 2, 2008 at 6:04 AM

Success! (sheepishly). The mouse did the trick (just like the tale of the Gruffalo). Much gratitude for your most excellent guidance!