Small Multiples

Apr 13, 2012 at 3:17 PM

A thought - no doubt not original - but have been churning through some network analysis where have been looking at comparing clustering / assortativity of multiple node attributes (for each node, have multiple attributes, all specified in columns in the vertices sheet - say attribute 1 = owns a cat [yes/no], attribute 2 = owns a goldfish [yes/no])

With NodeXl as it is at the moment, have set up the layout, fixed nodes, and then used Autofill to manually change the Vertex Colour to refer to different attribute, then saved each of the images to inspect / visually compare clustering later. It would be incredibly slick / useful to somehow automate this via Nodexl to output a mosaic of graphs (perhaps miniaturized as per subgraph images) with each changing visual encoding for a series of different attributes.

Was inspired after looking at this over lunch - following a morning on Nodexl:

If you could squeeze into the roadmap.... :)

As always - kudos to the team - love Nodexl more flexible than most fully fledged analytic tools out there.