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Mar 3, 2012 at 10:26 PM

Donation Guidance – How to support the Social Media Research Foundation

The Social Media Research Foundation is dedicated to making its tools available freely and openly to all. To sustain our mission we welcome and appreciate donations. We will use your contribution to feed our talented developers and staff so that they can make more software and services. Any level of support is welcome. Many of our users contribute based on the number of users of Social Media Research Foundation tools they have in their organization. Levels of support vary based on the nature of the donor.

  • Commercial users often donate $750 per user.
  • Academic users often offer $150 for each user in their research groups.
  • Individual and student users are welcome to use the tool freely but we are delighted to receive support equal to the cost of a nice dinner near you!
  • Developers often donate depending on the number of users and revenue coming from their application and the level of use of our tools. Contact us!

Your support keeps our projects (like NodeXL) active and strong, please contribute.