What can you do with NodeXL?

Sep 8, 2011 at 12:15 AM

If you want to map and measure network structures from ...

a corporation, enterprise, or organization

Use data from email, web boards, discussion forums, shared files, blogs, wikis, activity streams and friend & contact networks to create remarkable maps of the social structure of the institution.  This kind of analysis demands remarkable care, confidentiality and disclosure.

NodeXL can easily map data sets from internal corporate messaging and document systems.

When integrated with other institutional directory data bases (often in a format called "LDAP") these maps can become rich complements and alternatives to traditional hierarchical org charts.

Enterprise social media network maps can display attributes like core and peripheral groups, bridge and broker groups, gaps or "holes" that separate groups, choke-points and bottle necks, which might simultaneously be centers of expertise or authority.

public Internet populations from twitter, flickr, youtube, and many others

Use data from one of many social media systems which generate a variety of network structures: user accounts are associated with one another, and other digital objects including tags, documents, photos, videos, audio files, URLs, software, edits, comments, blog posts, messages, conversations, topics, folders, games, times, locations, and features.

NodeXL has a number of data providers that can extract social networks from a growing range of Internet social media sources.

personal social networks from email and private data sources

Use the data that each of us now maintain: a growing pile of digital data that is filled with social network data structures.  Email replies, flickr photos, twitter, facebook, and youtube accounts, and other sources of personal connection data can be analyzed to find key people, groups, objects and events in our own data.  Legal discovery can also allow these methods to be applied to other people's email.

NodeXL has an interface to email through the Microsoft Search Index which is now found on most Windows desktop.  Any mail brought to a client and indexed can be used to build a "reply graph" that highlights key people and events in the network.

academic and research network data sets

Use data from a range of sources and get quick overview and insight into network structures and prominent roles and locations without programming.

NodeXL can import data from a range of commonly used formats and export in formats that many other network and data analysis applications can read.

inside of a software application on the desktop or the web

Use components for network manipulation, calculation, layout, and interaction inside a custom application or service.

NodeXL components and source code are available with sample code and documentation for integration with any developer's application or service.