The type initializer for '' threw an exception

Jun 4, 2011 at 12:10 AM

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I had installed nodexl today, (windows xp spanish, office 2010) but various bugs are present. The most important Document Action/Graph Panel IS not showing. There was an error just after opening nodexl:
The type initializer for '' threw an exception
Then, i accept the message.
There is no Document Action/Graph Panel showing
After i try to configure color for example, another error:
Assertion Failed: Abort=Quit, Retry=Debug, Ignore=Continue
at TaskPane.AssertValid()
at TaskPane.WorksheetContextMenuManager_RequestEdgeCommandEnable(Object sender, RequestEdgeCommandEnableEventArgs e)
 at WorksheetContextMenuManager.AddEdgeContextMenuItems(Range oClickedRange)
 at WorksheetContextMenuManager.EdgeTable_BeforeRightClick(Range Target, Boolean& Cancel)
 at ListObject.OnBeforeRightClick(Range targetRange, Boolean& cancel)
 at ListObjectSupport.Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Excel.IListObjectListener.BeforeRightClick(Object targetRange, Boolean& Cancel)
 at ListObjectListenerContractAdapter.BeforeRightClick(IntPtr targetRange, Boolean& cancel)
 at ListObjectAdapter.OnBeforeRightClick(Range targetRange, Boolean& cancel)
 at ListObjectAdapter.Worksheet_BeforeRightClick(Range targetRange, Boolean& cancel)
 at DocEventSink.Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.DocEvents.BeforeRightClick(Range Target, Boolean& Cancel)
 at RuntimeMethodHandle._InvokeMethodFast(Object target, Object[] arguments, Si......
Anular Reintentar Omitir
After selecting [omitir] several times, another message:
Microsoft NodeXL
An unexpected problem occurred. If it occurs again, please copy the details to the clipboard by typing Ctrl-C, then post the details to
[NullReferenceException]: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Microsoft.NodeXL.ExcelTemplate.TaskPane.GetEdgeCommandEnableFlags(IEdge oClickedEdge, Boolean& bEnableSelectAllEdges, Boolean& bEnableDeselectAllEdges, Boolean& bEnableSelectAdjacentVertices, Boolean& bEnableDeselectAdjacentVertices)
at Microsoft.NodeXL.ExcelTemplate.TaskPane.WorksheetContextMenuManager_RequestEdgeCommandEnable(Object sender, RequestEdgeCommandEnableEventArgs e)
at Microsoft.NodeXL.ExcelTemplate.WorksheetContextMenuManager.AddEdgeContextMenuItems(Range oClickedRange)
at Microsoft.NodeXL.ExcelTemplate.WorksheetContextMenuManager.EdgeTable_BeforeRightClick(Range Target, Boolean& Cancel)

Jun 4, 2011 at 12:31 AM
Edited Jun 4, 2011 at 9:10 PM

NodeXL is having trouble on your computer with what is supposed to be a standard Windows font.  That's what the first message about "FontFamily" means.  The problems that occur afterward are all related to the first, so there is just one bug here.

When you get the "FontFamily" message immediately after opening the workbook, please click the "Details" button and copy the details here.  I don't need any of the error messages that appear after the first one, but I do need the Details from the first message.

Also, can you please tell me the exact language your computer is set to (Spanish Spain, Spanish Peru, etc.) in Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, Regional Options tab?  (Sorry, I don't know what those are called in Spanish.)


Aug 13, 2011 at 5:25 PM

Good day, sir.
Excuse me for the delay in answerig, I was travelling. I do not kwow how to write the caracters that appear in the fist window signaling the error, it's something like thin rectangles, organized line after line (they do not copy in this windows)

Español (Colombia) is my language option





Aug 15, 2011 at 7:50 PM

Unfortunately, this appears to be a problem with Windows on your computer and not a NodeXL bug, so it's not something I can fix in NodeXL.  But by searching for "The type initializer for '' threw an exception" in Bing, I found several possible causes and fixes that we can try.

First, try this.  (For reference, this is from

1. In the Windows Start menu, select Run.  (Or is that "ejecutar"?)

2. In the Run dialog box, enter "cmd" (without quotes) and click OK.  That will open a "command window."

3. In the command window, enter "echo %windir%" (without quotes) and press Enter.

4. That will cause some new text to appear in the command window, such as "C:\Windows".  What is the text that appears?

-- Tony