System.StackOverflowException exception in Smrf.NodeXL.Core.dll

Sir, We are getting following exception while calculating connected components... "An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred in Smrf.NodeXL.Core.dll". var ca...

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Collecting twitter multi user friends/followers network

Hi All, I am using NodeXl to collect the twitter network of friends/ followers for about 700 user. I am using import -> From Twitter user's Network" but the problem is I can only request one user ...

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Instalaltion without internet access

I'm trying to install NodeXl on pcs on a network with no internet access so do you have an installation program that contains all the required component for the installation? thanks Stéphane

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The position of vertices in a graph

Hi - First time 'poster!' - I am just having a play about with NodeXL at the minute and am wondering about the position of nodes within the graph (currently set on Fruchterman-Reingold). I am split...

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Installation Problem

I was trying to install node on my laptop running Windows 8.1, with office 365. I keep receiving this error and I am at a loss.

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HTTP redirect is not allowed for application files and assemblies

[Copied from Brian's post at . -- Tony] I am having the exact sample problem. Here is the error I am getting. I only have Excel 2007 on this machine. Is ...

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Installation problem

Hi, I've downloaded the installer NodeXLExcelTemplate2014Setup.exe and run it with local administrator privileges (otherwise I cannot install any software in this computer). Everything seems to be...

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no installation folder

hi, i wanted to install nodexl on my windows 64bit system. after installation, i can find nodexl template via the search but its not in the C:\Program Files\Social Media Research Foundation\NodeXL ...

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Can't install

Receive the following error when trying to install Component Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (x86 and x64) has failed to install with the following error message: "Fatal err...

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Cannot install...

I guess there might be somebody install it in my computer before, but I just need it now and cannot install successfully... Thanks!

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