Import hyperlink networks into NodeXL with the VOSON System -- a web-based software incorporating web mining, data visualisation, and traditional empirical social science methods (e.g. social network analysis, SNA).


Exchange Spigot for NodeXL enables Microsoft Excel plugin NodeXL to collect messaging data from the Microsoft Exchange Server and display that data as a graph.


Social Network Importer for NodeXL is a new graph data provider for NodeXL which will allow each user to directly download and import from within NodeXL different Facebook networks. Version 1.7 supports import from Facebook egonetworks, Fan Pages and Groups.

WikiImporter for NodeXL a new graph data provider for NodeXL which allow users to directly download and import different MediaWiki networks.


Connected Action

The Connected Action NodeXL Graph Server Database enables NodeXL users to collect and store their social media data from Twitter and Facebook in a personal Cloud Storage locker. Subscribers to the Connected Action NodeXL Graph Database can then use NodeXL to import long periods of their collected social media network data in a short period of time! The importer can be added to any recent copy of NodeXL.


ONA Surveys is one of the world's leading survey tools for collecting data on relationships. It is has been custom built to allow users to ask respondents questions about their relationship with other people, groups,entities or in fact any thing you like. Getting data you have collected with ONA Surveys into NodeXL is easy. You can download data in graphml format and load it straight into NodeXL.
This short video describes how ONA Surveys works.

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