NodeXL Redesign

We are in the process of redesigning NodeXL's user interface. Our goal is to make NodeXL easier to use for beginning and experienced users alike.

The first phase of the redesign, introduced in version, overhauls the NodeXL tab in Excel's Ribbon. Some Ribbon groups have been removed, new ones have been added, and the individual NodeXL commands have been rearranged into what we think is a more rational order. If you're a previous NodeXL user, you should be able to find most of the commands you've used with no problem. The one exception is the old "Customize Vertex Menus" command, which is now in the Options dialog that is accessible from the graph pane.

Version introduced hidable column groups and "schemes" of visual properties that can be applied to a graph in one step; version expanded visual properties to allow edge colors or vertex shapes, for example, to be easily set from the Ribbon; and version added a legend to the graph pane.

We plan to improve the way the mouse is used to interact with the graph pane, and there are other changes in the pipeline as well.

Stay tuned.

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