How to Un-NodeXL a NodeXL Workbook

Dec 3, 2009 at 10:07 PM

A NodeXL user asked recently how he could turn a NodeXL workbook into a regular Excel workbook -- one that doesn't have a graph pane and doesn't require the NodeXL software to open.  The answer is that NodeXL workbooks are distinguished by a set of custom properties, and if you remove those custom properties, the workbook reverts to a regular Excel workbook.

The properties are easy to delete once you find them, but Excel buries them in an unexpected location.  To delete them, do this:
* Round Office Button, Prepare, Properties.
* Document Properties (upper-right corner of the properties window), Advanced Properties.
* Custom.
* Delete the _AssemblyLocation, _AssemblyName, and Solution ID properties.

* Save the workbook.

When you reopen the workbook, it will no longer have a graph pane or NodeXL ribbon tab.
-- Tony