newbie issues memory + filters

Feb 15 at 4:02 PM
Hi. I'm trying to get NodeXL template to spit out some information and ran across a few issues.
1) Ran out of memory for Harel-Koren for 21K vertices. 4GB+12GBpaging on a laptop.
How much memory do I need? This is a much better layout than the Frucherten layout. can I solve this with more paging virtual memory, or do I need more physical memory? As a temporary work around, I'm only loading in a small number of edges to try to locate important relationships.
2) Can't see core of network. I have a lot of vertices that have only 1 edge, and I'd like to not print those. How can I filter that out? Basically see everything with 2+ edges

3) I also use special images for each vertices of importance. I'd like to still see any vertice with an Image file even if it has only 1 edge.

4) Is there a way to undock the graph window so i can zoom and pan it better. It is just too small to see enough or layout the vertice images to extract information out of it.

thank you
Mar 6 at 5:16 AM

Thank you for the interest in NodeXL!
  1. You probably need more RAM. 8GB is really a minimum and 16 GB or even 32 is a good idea for very large networks.
  2. Once a network has had metrics calculated, you can filter the vertices with only one edge (or degree). This can be accomplished using Dynamic Filters in the Graph Pane or by setting the Vertex Visibility to Zero for all Vertices with fewer than 2 degree via NodeXL>Visual Properties>Autofill Columns>Vertices>Vertex Visibility.
  3. Any vertex can be represented as a variety of shapes, one of which is "Image". To use Image as a shape, there must be a column that contains a URL that points to a valid image file. See: NodeXL>Visual Properties>Autofill Columns>Vertices>Vertex Shape. Vertex shapes may be conditionally set.
  4. The Graph Pane can be undocked and stretched to any size and aspect ratio. On a two monitor system it is useful to drag the graph pane to the second screen.

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