Is there a suggestion as to how long it will take to execute this NodeXL search on Twitter

Feb 8 at 8:26 PM
Twitter users I'm interested in is 300, entered into "The twitter users with these user names"
What to import is set to Basic network pluss friends (add some of the users friends and followers)
Limit is set to 3200 recent tweets pr user
Limit friends and followers to 2000
The xpand URLs box is checked
The extended analysis is NOT checked

In my head the calculated number of tweets to collect would be maximum
30032002000 = 1.920.000.000 hm quite an impressive number?

But as I think most of the 300 accounts have less than 1000 followers its down to 960 000 000 tweets.
Maybe I should close the process and start over limiting number of recent tweets to say 500 ?

Any help to a complete newbie would be much appreciated.
Feb 9 at 7:35 AM
After about ten hours of running (and some realistic thinking) I killed of the process.
Entered in 20 users I'm interested in (instead of 300)
Limited friends & followers to 100
and recent tweets to 200
Unchecked the xpand URLs box
This gave results in about an hour.