Multiple Facebook fan pages + multiple Twitter hashtags

Feb 2 at 1:32 PM

I need to know what the best approach is for monitoring a number of Facebook fan pages over a 2 month period in NodeXL Pro. I'm a PhD student working on a new national sports competition in Australia, which features 8 different teams.

Is the best approach to import the data for each team's individual Facebook fan page into a separate worksheet? And if so, will I be able to make a composite graph of this data at the end of my collection period? And to get the most comprehensive data spread possible, what settings/filters would you suggest for the crawl?

Also, I'm monitoring Twitter as part of the same project, and I want to capture anything about the competition using the three main hashtags associated with it - is it best to use a single search string, separating each hashtag with "OR"? E.g. #one OR #two OR #three?

Thanks, and apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.