NodeXL Pro Capabilities

Sep 7, 2015 at 5:18 PM
Is there any more specific or detailed info about the capabilities of NodeXL Pro? I'm especially interested in the "Advanced Metrics" but if there's a place to find out more about it, I'd appreciate it.
Sep 7, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Thanks for the interest in NodeXL and NodeXL Pro!

We are still finalizing the division between NodeXL Basic and NodeXL Pro features but the current plan is that NodeXL Pro will have advanced features for importing social media data, calculating social network metrics, sentiment analysis, and publishing reports.

In detail, this will mean that the network centrality calculators will be part of NodeXL Pro.

The new Sentiment feature (in which we count the frequency of words from three user edited lists at the edge, vertex, group, and network level) will be part of NodeXL Pro.

The social media importers will be part of NodeXL Pro, only a limited version of the Twitter Search importer will remain in NodeXL Basic.

NodeXL Basic users will be able to manually enter a network or load existing NodeXL workbooks and visualize and filter them.

Our goal is to provide NodeXL as widely as possible and our registration fees for NodeXL Pro are intended to enable the continued development of all forms of NodeXL.

Our registration fees reflect our commitment to supporting educational and scholarly use of our tools.

NodeXL Pro registration fees are:
Commercial users - $749.00/year
Academic & non-profit users - $199.00/year
Student users - $29.00/year

Users who face financial hardship or other obstacles that require donations of NodeXL Pro should contact our team at with details of their needs.


Sep 8, 2015 at 10:14 AM
Hi and thanks for the quick response.

Does that mean that the current capabilities of calculating network metrics may no longer be available on the basic version, or does it mean that the Pro version will include even more network analysis tools?

In general, I am also interested if the metrics will be expanded now or in the future. (I recently briefly tried out UCINET and it seems like they have many more metric options).

Thanks again,

Sep 8, 2015 at 3:59 PM

Some of the existing features of NodeXL will be available only in NodeXL Pro.

As resources allow, additional metrics will be integrated into NodeXL Pro.

UCINet is a very useful tool with many more network metrics than provided by NodeXL. We do not anticipate matching all of the features in UCInet in NodeXL. NodeXL attempts to be an easier to use, easy to automate, tool for producing a first draft report with no human intervention, with a special focus on social media network data.

UCInet is a more manual tool for advanced analysts.

NodeXL Basic will have degree, in-degree, and out-degree as the basic set of network metrics. More advanced metrics will be in NodeXL Pro.

In order to sustain the project, NodeXL users are encouraged to move to NodeXL Pro. NodeXL Basic is offered as an alternative for initial exploration and evaluation and some introductory classroom uses.

We hope you will find enough value in NodeXL Pro to be worth the license fee! Your support will help us sustain and expand the NodeXL Pro project. For example, shortly after the release of NodeXL Pro we will ship an upgrade with our "Sentiment" feature.


(For Team NodeXL)