Facebook co-likes

Feb 20, 2015 at 7:33 PM

I am doing research on the Facebook group page data that I get through NodeXL.

My questions are:

-When I get the user-user co-like data, what exactly does it stand for? For example, if John and Jack liked the same post, does this appear as an edge? What else is considered as "co-like"?
-Also, in the NodeXL sheet, edges tab, there is a column called "posts". I am wondering what does this refer to? For example, vertex 1: John, Vertex 2: Jack and in the "posts" column it says "what a great day". Does this mean that John and Jack both "liked" the post or is there any way to understand who wrote the post originally?

-Does "post" in this case also refer to the posts that are done when posting a photo (such as writing "what a great day" under a photo that you are posting)?

It would be great if you can explain the "co-like" concept in general.

Thanks a lot.
Feb 22, 2015 at 5:46 PM
  • Co-like means that two users liked the same post.
  • The posts column in edges refers to the posts which the two users forming the edges have liked (or commented in case of co-comment). Since two users can co-like more than one post, multiple posts are separated by an empty line in the "Posts" column.
  • To know who has authored the post, you can check the "Post" checkbox in the importer. It will build a self-loop for all the post authors and in the "Posts" column you should see the text of the post.