Error loading the sample files

Nov 15, 2014 at 10:29 AM

I am trying to open these two sample files:
  1. Serious Eats dataset - a multimodal network connecting people to blogs and/or forums
  2. css-d_email list network - a network of those posting to the css-d email list in Jan and Feb of 2007 (email addresses are anonymized)
as available from:

I am following the instructions given on the above URL but the files show error and do not load. A local copy is made but nothing further. Could you please help me with this issue?

Additionally, I have a graph with 1750 nodes and the data is based on discussion forums i.e., threads and the posts/comments made within the threads. I am trying to see the relation between the posting users. I am unsure which algorithm to use (harel-koren fast multi-scale algo or Frutcherman-Reingold). The graph seems all clustered up and nothing meaningful is apparent at first glance. Could you please guide me, how to make my graph more understandable?
I want to be able to show the vertex characteristics such as:
  1. Edge weight (I have set it to be displayed by the edge width)
  2. Self-Loop counts (to see how many times a person re-posts within his own started thread). I have this metric available in the vertex sheet (as per your instructions in an earlier post)
  3. Degree to show how many different people posted within the thread started by a user
Any help or suggestions in this regard will be highly appreciated. Many thanks!