Label Display for Node and zoom in to a specific area

Nov 12, 2014 at 6:12 AM
Dear Experts,

I have tried NodeXL today and it was excellent for me. I was able to draw network diagram within a minute. I have three questions and any help will be great.
  1. I want to display label for certain node. I already figured out how to display label for all the nodes but want to display label to certain node only.
  2. I have a large number of nodes. Is there a way to display the graph window in full screen?
  3. What is the best format to save the image for large number of nodes? Is there a to zoom in as needed to a particular area of the diagram only?
Thank you and this is a excellent tool.
Nov 12, 2014 at 5:11 PM
Thank you for the interest in NodeXL!

Question 1
  1. In the menu NodeXL > Show/Hide > Workbook columns > Labels be sure Label columns are visible.
  2. In the Vertices worksheet find the Label related columns (H-K).
  3. You may edit any label in column H OR set Label Position (Column J) to "0" or "Nowhere" for any label you seek to suppress.
  4. Alternatively, use NodeXL > Visual Properties > Autofill columns > Vertices > Vertex Label Position > Options to set a rule based on a metric for which vertices get labeled.
Question 2
  1. The Graph pane can be pulled out of the "docked" position. Place the mouse pointer in the graph pane title bar (look for the "Document Actions" pane). Click and drag the pane out of the position until it breaks free. The graph pane may be stretched to any resolution.
Question 3
  1. NodeXL supports a variety of static image file formats. You may set the image properties by right-clicking the graph pane and selecting Save Image to File > Image Options. I often write 4096 x 3072 pixel images (4xSVGA).