Representing Mergers and Acquisitions of a certain company

May 2, 2014 at 12:39 PM
Hi everyone,

Can someone help me to understand if NodeXL can be used in different environments other than Social Networks?
I am doing a study on all the participations that one large company has in other companies, which also have participation in other smaller companies and so on. I am at a very early stage and I was wondering if I could use NodeXL to represent those participations. I could do it in excel but I am curious about NodeXL functionalities, which I found extremely interesting.

My question is: can I do weighted analysis between two nodes that are not directly linked?

Company A has 50% of company B, which has 20% of a smaller company C.
Can I represent the each different share (as a connection) in NodeXL and will NodeXL do the following analysis:
Company A has 10% of Company C.

For my study, I am interested in doing top-down paths (main company to asset) and bottom-up paths analysis.

Thank you so much everyone...