Creating Groups?

Jul 12, 2013 at 12:28 AM
Dear Tony,

Can I "create groups" from my closed network data? Please let me explain. First, I have asked my mothers with children 0-5years in Epau community (closed network) to nominate who they would speak to if they had a problem inside their community. Second, I have asked these mothers who they would speak to if they had a health problem. I would like to capture this data on the same sociogram- is this possible and how? I am a novice.

I have attached my health advice network so you can see what I have achieved so far. The coloured nodes indicate "religious preference". The square node is a male.

My general advice network is also attached but I have a way to go....


Jul 12, 2013 at 1:20 AM
Networks in NodeXL operate at two levels: vertices and groups (of vertices).

You can (and should) encode each different relationship between entities as an "edge" in the Edges worksheet.

Each edge can have additional attributes, (Insert a new column in front of the "Add Your Own Columns Here" column). You can add a relationship type column, for example. In your data you describe two kinds of ways people can be linked: seeks social assistance and seeks health assistance. For each pair of people you would provide their names and the nature of their relationship.

Each vertex can have its own attributes, you can store religion or gender data in columns on the Vertices worksheet for example. So, start on the Edges worksheet and encode all the pairs of relationships (and their types). When you first try to "Show Graph" (or if you select the NodeXL>Data>Prepare Data>Get Vertices From Edges Worksheet command) the Vertices worksheet will be populated with each unique person. You can then edit the Vertices worksheet with the individual attributes (religion, gender, etc.).

Groups of vertices are defined in the Group Vertices worksheet, but they are best created via the NodeXL>Analysis>Groups>Group by... commands. There are several ways to group networks from this menu. Be sure to check the Group Options settings to control the shape and color of vertices, selecting group level or vertex level display attributes.


Sep 10, 2013 at 11:45 PM
Dear Marc,

Thanks for your instruction below - incredibly helpful. I think I've grasped Edges and Vertices (in attached doc). Document Actions now capture general and health advice. Groups - not so sure I need them? Could you provide me with some feedback?

In Autofill, I've encountered some problems- Tried to thrash them out but to no avail...they are:
1. The Autofill, Vertices, Vertex shape symbolises education but not as the shapes I have selected. Why?
2. Autofill, Vertices, Vertex, Colour - each category is mapped to a unique colour but not my chosen colour. Why?
3. Leisav Metak (line 36) appears twice (on line 69) where the second line is incorrect - Should I just delete it?
4. The legend seems incomplete (ie labels are not given to colours)- is this the case?

Am I ready to run metrics again and then report on my results?

Thanks again for your support!