Importing Data from Open Workbook

Feb 8, 2012 at 3:30 PM

Hi there,

I am a rookie and i could use your help.I have already filled an excel workbook,named ''G.xslx'' with a twitter network of  the Twitter user ''cathy_pap'' and i am trying to expand it by importing data from another excel workbook,named ''P.xslx'',which is also filled with a Twitter network of another Twitter user with the username ''che''. The problem is that ,while on the first workbook ''G.xslx'' you can see the edges properties in the Edges tab (such as the ''Relationship''  or the ''Relationship Date (UTC)'',after importing the data from the ''P.xslx'' workbook, the edges that are added are visible but their properties  (''Relationship'' ,''Relationship Date(UTC)'' )are not added and i have to fill them manually. I try to provide an accurate depiction of the resulting network below


 Vertex 1                       Vertex 2                                                                            Relationship    Relationship Date (utc)


 cathy_pap                      takis_k                                                                              Followed         21/1/2012 23:00

 giannissotiriou               cathy_pap                                                                          Follower        21/1/2012 23:00

 che                                cathy_pap                                                                          Follower         21/1/2012 23:00

(from here start the newly imported data from the second workbook....)

 vesterde                          che                                                                                (the properties of the newly added edges are not imported!)

  che                                 andrejpan 



As you can see the properties of the newly added edges are not imported.Should i fill them in manually? Can you provide me a solution?



Feb 8, 2012 at 6:08 PM

In the Data, Import, From Open Workbook dialog box, you have to check the columns that you want to import from the other workbook.  Otherwise, they won't get imported.  If you click the "Select All" button in the dialog box, all the columns will be imported.

-- Tony