NodeXL and Facebook fan pages (not groups)

Jul 13, 2011 at 3:36 PM

I realise that I may be asking for the impossible here, but I am trying to map a friend's fan page. Does anyone have advice on how best to do this please? Based on my search of previous discussions, many have posed similar questions, but the distinction has not been clearly made between groups and fan pages.

I am familiar with netvizz and NameGenWeb. Unfortunately, while they are both wonderful tools, both of these only work for ego and group networks, not fan pages. One of the limitations is that Facebook apparently doesn't allow you to install apps on fan pages. In addition, netvizz can only pull a maximum of 500 random users at a time and my friend's group has 10,000+

This oft-cited article: "Bernie Hogan’s Facebook Social Network Data Provider and Visualization toolkit" mentions tools like Nexus, Touchgraph and ORA for scraping Facebook data. I haven't looked into these yet, but I have a feeling that they probably also only focus on ego data.

Any suggestions on how I might go about extracting a Facebook fan page network for importing into NodeXL or similar?

Thanks in advance! :)