maximum number of edges

Nov 7, 2010 at 12:30 PM



Ive got csv file with ~20 000 000 rows.

Each row represents connection beetwen vertex1 and vertex2. 

There are sth like 250 000 vertexes.


Is it possible to anaylze such a big network using node xl ? 

I cant import that csv file into excel cause it is to big :/


thanks for any help,


Nov 8, 2010 at 5:57 PM

No. Excel itself will only allow about a million rows, and NodeXL hits performance limits long before that.

If it's possible, you might consider merging the duplicate edges in your CSV file, where duplicate edges connect the same pair of vertices, and keeping track of the merges using an Edge Weight column. If that gets the edge count below Excel's million-row limit, you could at least open the CSV file in Excel, import the data into a NodeXL workbook using NodeXL, Data, Prepare Data, Import from Open Edge Workbook, and see if NodeXL performs well enough to be useful. Generally, I recommend edge counts in the thousands to get reasonable responsiveness in NodeXL's graph pane. If you use NodeXL only to compute graph metrics (NodeXL, Analysis, Graph Metrics), then it can handle more edges than that.

But millions of edges, definitely not. Sorry!

-- Tony