Export to 2-mode network to Pajek

Mar 3, 2010 at 7:50 AM

I have been using NodeXL to successfully analyse networks in large email Corpora see OsVisNet for more details. It has some limitations so I sometimes export to Pajek to perform some analysis tasks. This export works fine when working with a 1-mode network i.e. networks where the nodes are all of the same type i.e. people author=>recipient. I am now analysisng the attachments so have a two mode network files => people. I imported my edge set from a CSV file and manually created the vertex list to put people first then files This also makes it easier to colour the vertices differently.

I was hoping that by doing this NdeXL would export the .net file with the vertices in the same order as the vertex column allowing me to create a two mode Pajek network which could then be converted to one mode but it doesn't. It exports the vertices in the same order that it would create a vertex list from an edge list. Does anyone know if there is anyway around this at the moment or could I request it as a future feature please since NodeXL cant convert from 2-mode to single mode itself?


Dave Ashton